Wednesday 6 July 2022

Photos of aquatic plants sought for new ID book

Image courtesy of Inland Fisheries Ireland
Our colleagues at Inland Fisheries Ireland are putting together a photographic guide to Ireland's freshwater and riparian plants. The book will also feature BSBI distribution maps for the 300 or so species. You can find out more about the plans for the book in this video of a talk given at the Irish Spring Conference by lead author Ronan Matson. 

Ronan has just contacted us to say "We’re down to the final few species for our aquatic plant ID book and are looking for photos of the following plants if possible - your members and supporters might see them and be in a position to take photos over the course of the summer? We’re looking for photos that include in situ shots, flowers, leaves etc. anything that we might be able to use to create a profile for each species. We’d be happy to acknowledge anyone whose photos we use!"  

Here is the list of plants for which Ronan and his colleagues would like images: 

  • Rumex conglomeratus
  • Pontederia cordata
  • Carex paniculata
  • Carex aquatilis
  • Carex nigra
  • Carex lasiocarpa
  • Carex demissa
  • Carex flacca
  • Carex disticha

You can contact Ronan at if you have any questions about the book or if you can help out with photos. Fingers crossed that some News & Views readers will be able to help!  

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