Thursday 12 December 2013

BSBI members' Blogs: 21 today! 

Broad Bean flower
Image: P. Gates
I hope you are all enjoying some botanical Blog-browsing via the links on the right. I've been adding Blogs by BSBI members as I hear about them and there are now 21 on the list.

The subjects covered by the Blogs shows the broad range of interests from among our membership, from local field meetings and duckweeds people have fished out of ponds to mapping software and genetics, taking in climate change, edible plants, stinky plants... 

There are seasonally-appropriate mistletoe posts from Jonathan Briggs - yes, "Mr Mistletoe" is a BSBI member - note the attention to botanical detail and taxonomy and you won't be surprised! 

Bonane Heritage Park
Image: J. Crellin
There are also posts that go beyond vascular plants, straying into bryophytes and even tardigradesthe famous water-bears who were sent into outer space but are more usually glimpsed when you apply lens to bryophyte specimen for ID and a tardigrade lumbers into view through the forest of moss stems. Sometimes you can't help briefly noticing things that aren't plants...

And there are some great photos - BSBI Blogger John Crellin took the one on the left, while in Ireland. 

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