Thursday 26 December 2013

How does a botanist get to work: part four.

Susanne looking for orchids in Madagascar
Image: A. Hinsley
Yet another BSBI botanist on the end of a rope hoping to see a nice plant... 

When she isn't promoting BSBI at outreach events like the Society for Economic Botany Conference 2013, or researching orchid distribution in Turkey for her PhD, or telling Guardian readers about ethnobotany, or offering a poster at the BSBI AEM on 'Plant Blindness and Botanical Illiteracy", BSBI member Susanne Masters can be found getting to her botanical work by hanging on to a rope. 

A nice example of using one plant to get to another? 

Read more about what Susanne has been up to here on this blogpost by BSBI member Jonathan Mitchley

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