Monday 16 May 2022

Greenwings giveaway: the answer

Swallowtail on Milk-parsley
Image: A. Hunter
Our Greenwings giveaway competition has now closed, all entries anonymised and put into the randomiser, and the winner notified. 

The correct answer to the competition question 'What is the main food plant of the Swallowtail butterfly' was Milk-parsley Peucedanum palustre.

Here is the plant's distribution map, based on locations where it has been recorded over the years by BSBI's volunteer members. 

Although other food plants have been recorded in this country for migrants of the continental race of Swallowtails, the Milk Parsley is the only food plant for the native British race.

Many thanks to everyone who entered the competition via Twitter or Instagram and huge thanks to Greenwings for this great offer which celebrates their joining the growing list of BSBI's corporate supporters.  

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