Monday 24 June 2013

BSBI AGM 2013: a new orchid record.

Ian Bonner photographing a southern marsh orchid.
Image: Tim Rich.
Many thanks for all the images you are sending in, taken at the AGM in Anglesey (VC52) last week. 

Also great to hear about a new site record:
Dactylorhiza praetermissa, the Southern Marsh Orchid, was recorded for the first time at Plas Newydd Coronation Meadow. 

Coronation Meadow, Plas Newydd, BSBI AGM 2013.
Image: Tim Rich
Outgoing President Ian Bonner was keen to photograph the Southern Marsh Orchid, which Tim Rich tells me had not been recorded before at this site. You can check the distribution of this plant - and any other - on the BSBI's Distribution Database.

Tim is Head of Vascular Plants at the National Museum, Wales, and is also a member of New Journal of Botany's Editorial Board. You will be able to read more on the Journal of the Month webpage about how Tim got started in botany.     

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  1. Odd that, the hectad map shows three records.


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