Sunday 20 October 2013

... and BSBI gets more records! 

VC55 group at Charity Fields, Desford. June 2013
Image: L. Marsh 
Nice to hear more reports of recording activity across Britain and Ireland, and the pleasures and advantages of communal botany! 

John Crellin has been looking at how many people accompanied him on botanical surveys this year. His Blog tells us "If the support continues, then recording the vascular plants of Brecon for the next Atlas update should be secure (if still a challenge!). It's not just the company, or even the extra botanical expertise - having more eyes in the team results in more species recorded, I am sure."  
VC55 group looking at bryophytes...
Image: R. Rogers
I couldn't agree more with both John, in Breconshire and with Flora, on Sout Uist

The VC55 group has found that when botanists at all skill levels come together in the field, experts enjoy the challenge of demonstrating the characters necessary for accurate plant identification, and improvers hone their skills by helping the beginners, who pick up useful ID tips and gain confidence. We all learn new things, enjoy great company and go home with more records! 

... and lichens. Groby Pool, January 2013
Image: R. Rogers
 If you don't already have a local botany group in your VC, you may not realise how quick and easy it is to set one up. Please email me if you'd like a copy of the VC55 group's cribsheet on setting up/strengthening a local group; it has some helpful tips to help you get started or to boost participation. 

VC55 group in SE Leics, April  2012
Image: N. Crowley
A copy went to Mel Linney, who is setting up a botany group in South Yorkshire, and I'm hoping that Mel will add some new suggestions to the cribsheet - every local group will have its own ways and new ideas to share. Just think what a network of 153 local groups - one for every vice-county in Britain and Ireland - could achieve! 

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