Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Tasselweed video

Lliam Rooney's latest video is now available and it is possibly the *Citizen Kane of films about aquatics. Yes, Ruppia: the Movie is now out so grab some popcorn, switch your phone off and click here-->

Ruppia cirrhosa Spiral Tasselweed
Image: L. Rooney
Lliam says "I hope you enjoy it! It took a lot of doing to make it, but I am very happy with it... now it's finished!" 

And don't worry, the Horsetail videos haven't gone away, I've just moved the links up the page a bit - glance up above the date and you'll see the titles. I thought the Ruppia video could hog the limelight for a while. 

*This may mean that Claudia Ferguson-Smyth is the Eisenstein of aquatics. Battleship Potamogeton? Follow the link above to watch Claudia's P. epihydrus video.