Thursday 3 July 2014

Poppies: a new ID video by Lliam Rooney

Opium Poppy Papaver somniferum
Image: L. Rooney
Since publishing his Hawthorn ID video in May, Lliam Rooney has been working away quietly down in Kent on his next project, but he didn't tell us what he would be focusing on. So it was a lovely surprise to receive an email from Lliam with the news that his new video was almost ready and its subject would be British and Irish poppies.

Lliam told me "This is a busy time of year for us botanists but I thought I had to get at least one summer video out! This new video covers all the common poppies found throughout Britain and Ireland and keys out the common Papaver species. It is also a celebration of these wonderful plants that, like stars in a night sky, light up our arable fields and add an ephemeral swath of beauty and colour. I'm very happy with it and I hope you enjoy it".

The link to the video is here:  and it has just gone live on YouTube.The soundtrack to this video was provided by a friend of Lliam's who is a Celtic harpist and kindly gave permission for her music to be used. There's more info on the Kent Botany Facebook page

The link has also been added to the video links above, so you can access the Poppy ID video and eight more of Lliam's videos whenever you like. But I think we should give him a few months break before we start chivvying him about ID video number 10 :-)

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