Saturday 6 September 2014

Birdfair plant ID quiz: the winner

Visitors enjoyed trying to ID the mystery wildflowers
Image: L. Marsh
All the participants in our Birdfair Plant ID Quiz have now been contacted and a copy of John Poland and Eric Clement's Vegetative Key to the British Flora will soon be winging its way to our first prize winner. 

So, congratulations to Gillian Boreham, who said "I am delighted to have won 1st prize in your competition as I do not have a copy of this book. I have been interested in wild flowers since I was about 8 years old and received my first copy of the Observers Book of Wild Flowers, and this interest has progressed into an interest in all forms of wildlife. 

"I am currently a member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Plantlife and Woodland Trust and enjoy going on wildlife holidays (mainly plants/birds). I am very much looking forward to receiving my book".

Cheshire-based botanist Jack Riggall tries the quiz
Image: L. Marsh
Gillian, it sounds as though you will be able to make good use of the 'Veg Key' to help identify the wildflowers you see, and thank you for allowing us to use your name here. 

Maybe Gillian will also consider adding BSBI to the list of societies she supports? Especially if there is a local botany group that she could go out with. They will be able to help her use the 'Veg Key' in the field for the first time!

Our second-prize winner has not yet responded to my email, but if/when they do, I will be able to tell you who has won our second prize, a copy of Harrap's Wildflowers. Thank you again to everybody who took part in the quiz.

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