Monday 15 December 2014

Getting started with ferns - the Garnett approach

George and his exhibit at the AEM
Image: L. Hawthorne
Another of the exhibits from last month's BSBI Exhibition Meeting has been uploaded and is available here. It is a report by George Garnett on his fern finds for 2014. 

George visited sites in Wales and on his home island of Guernsey to view ferns in-situ, collecting specimens where necessary to help with identification and to add to his private herbarium collection. As a (junior) member of BSBI, he was able to consult our Fern Referee Fred Rumsey for help with identifying the trickiest specimens. 

While in the field, George was careful to adhere to Arthur Chater's guidelines on Collecting. If you want to get to grips with a plant group such as ferns, George's example would be an excellent one to follow!  

Worth pointing out that George first got involved with BSBI via last year's New Year Plant Hunt and hopes to participate again this year - as I hope you will?  

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