Thursday 8 January 2015

New Year Plant Hunt: an avalanche of blogposts!

Guernsey fleabane flowering in Bristol
Image: J. Mortin
We're almost there! Plant Hunt records have all been collated by Ryan and then he and Tim set to work analysing the data. 

They gave me a quick glimpse but then (typical scientists) whisked everything away again and insisted they had to go back and doublecheck all their numbers before they were prepared to announce their results. 

So we'll just have to wait just a little longer, but then you'll have even more confidence in those results.

In the meantime, why not check out some of these blogs by people who took part in the New Year Plant Hunt? I've spotted three more by (I think) non-members: 

James and the frozen nosegay, VC55
Image: J. Clough
Here's one from Judith in Settle and one from an ecologist in Grantham, who also has an interesting project on flower colour - more here:  

You can read what James found on on his Plant Hunt in Bucks. by clicking here and don't forget that several BSBI members have also blogged about their Plant Hunts. I've already told you how the Leicester team got on this year, but Sarah S. and her team were also out in Merioneth on Friday, and botanists from Brecknockshire were out on Saturday.

That lot - and (below) another of Sophie's Botanical Still-lifes from her Plant Hunt in London - should keep you going until Ryan and Tim are ready to spill the beans on this year's New Year Plant Hunt :-) Stay tuned to this channel!

The Bin Bag and the Sow-thistle
Image: S. Leguil

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