Saturday 16 May 2015

Which wildflower ID key to use?

If the new botanical season is prompting you to buy a new wildflower ID key, to make it easier to identify any plants that you find, and you are unsure which one to buy, this may help: 

John Poland (on right) signs a copy of his Vegetative Key
Image: L. Marsh  
It's a very useful and objective review by Philip Oswald of BSBI's Publications Committee, originally published in Taxon and reproduced here by kind permission of Rudi Schmid at Taxon

Once you are ready to buy a new key, why not take a look at the website of a dedicated natural history bookseller such as the NHBS or Summerfield Books - the latter has a great range of titles and often has discounted offers on books. 

I see that Poland & Clement's Vegetative Key to the British Flora is currently on special offer at £21.75 (the RRP is £24.99). So there's no reason to struggle with an ID key that you have outgrown!

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