Monday 1 June 2015

BSBI President & Orchid Referee out in the field

Jersey Orchid
Image: I. Denholm
For those of us attending BSBI's Annual Summer Meeting, there are several big advantages in having our President Ian Denholm present throughout the proceedings. 

As well as being a very entertaining and knowledgeable after-dinner speaker, Ian is also an excellent field botanist and is one of BSBI's two Orchid Referees. 

So when we visit sites such as the Umbra, which boasts around 9 species of orchid, Ian will be on hand to help us with identification. He has spent decades photographing orchids (and other plants) in the field, looking at orchids, talking about them and publishing papers on them, and the other week he was in Jersey. 

Jersey Orchids in profusion
Image: I. Denholm
Here is his report about the trip:

"I enjoyed a highly successful trip to Jersey over the Bank Holiday weekend, guided by our vice-county recorder Anne Haden, whose knowledge of and enthusiasm for the island’s flora knows no bounds! 

"The visit coincided perfectly with peak flowering of the Lax-flowered (or Jersey) Orchid Anacamptis laxiflora (above left and right) at its two strongholds on Jersey, both owned and managed by the National Trust for Jersey

Jersey Fern
Image: I. Denholm
"The species occurs in profusion (several thousand plants) at each site, providing an outstanding spectacle that visitors are encouraged to experience and enjoy.

"Needless to say the visit produced a cornucopia of other botanical delights including the diminutive and annual Jersey Fern Anogramma leptophylla in peak condition at its best site on the island. Jersey is a tremendous place to botanise and huge thanks to Anne for her time and support."

Ian & fellow orchid-spotter, Noir Pre, Jersey
Image: A. Haden
Anne even managed to take a photo of our notoriously camera-shy President in the field (on left) and says "We had a great day looking at some of Jersey's special plants and Ian identified some Dactylorhiza hybrids in Noir Pre, our Orchid field".  

If you haven't yet booked for the Summer Meeting, and would like a chance to spend time in the field with BSBI's Orchid Referee, strictly speaking the deadline for bookings has just passed but, if you apply now, we will try to squeeze you in! 

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