Tuesday 8 December 2015

AEM exhibits available to download

AEM exhibits and happy botanists
Image: S. Knapp
Sixteen exhibits from the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting 2015 are now available as pdfs for you to view or download from the Google Drive associated with this News & Views blog. Click here to access the folder.

You can view all the posters which appeared in the BSBI section of the hall. Kevin & Pete (aka BSBI's Science Team) exhibited a poster about Atlas 2020 and one about the BSBI Threatened Plants Project. Their stand also featured print-outs of species covered so far in the Species Accounts - you can download these from this page.

Posters on networks of historic female botanists
Image: W. Arshad
Two posters by Quentin Groom (one co-written with me) consider the network of historic female botanists, expanding on this very popular article in New Journal of Botany by Quentin et al

If you want to read about the Top Ten Plants spotted during New Year Plant Hunts in 2014 and 2015, the people who recorded them and the media coverage we received, check out the two NYPH posters, one by Ryan Clark and one (sorry!) by me again.

Jon Shanklin's two posters about next year's Field Meetings Programme and the Annual Summer Meeting 2016 are also available to download. For more information about both, try the Meetings page and the Summer Meeting page.

Entries in BSBI Photographic Competition 2015
Image: L. Rooney
An exhibit by Jim McIntosh, BSBI Scottish Officer, stretched for seven metres and was made up of all the photographs submitted to the annual BSBI photographic competition.

A poster by Chris Metherell and Fred Rumsey about the forthcoming BSBI Euphrasia Handbook should whet your appetite for this long-awaited Handbook which is due for publication next spring. 

Members should watch out for a flyer in BSBI News and details of the pre-publication offer (a reminder that discounts on BSBI publications and other selected botany books is one of the many perks of BSBI membership).  

Lots of interest in Reuben's stand
Image: K. Fekete
You can also see some of the exhibits about the British and Irish flora: Tim Rich on the plants of Cwm Dare in South Wales; Reuben Nebbett-Blades (on left) on the plants of the Little Ouse Valley Fens; and Falgunee and Ajit Sarker on the plants of Hirta and St. Kilda.  

More to follow about the other exhibits as they come in, and don't forget that you can also download many of the talks from the Exhibition Meeting from this page

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