Thursday 28 July 2016

Botanists out in force in Wales Part 2

Bog Orchid, Caerdeon
Image: S. Stille
Last week we told you about the various field meetings happening in Wales this month, culminating in the Caerdeon weekend. organised by Sarah Stille.

Sarah has been in touch to tell us about an interesting find made during the weekend. Over to Sarah: 

"On Sunday the County Recorder was greeted back at Caerdeon by an enigmatic Martyn Stead, who was bursting with excitement, but refused to tell us why. 

"Only when the finder, Graeme Kay, appeared did we learn that they had found Bog Orchid (Hammarbya paludosa), for the first time in the county for 43 years." 

Sarah and Graeme at the 
Bog Orchid site
Image: C. Lovatt

That's quite a find after such a long gap!

Here's a distribution map showing where Bog Orchid is recorded across Britain & Ireland. 

You can also download a Species Account for Bog Orchid from this page.  

Sarah also mentioned another plant find which would be a possible first county record but this is still being checked so you'll have to hold your breath a little longer. 

Many thanks to Sarah for this update and for the images. And congrats on the Bog Orchid!  

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