Tuesday 6 December 2016

BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting 2016: Exhibits to download

Roger Horton and his exhibit.
Image courtesy R. Horton
The first batch of exhibits from the recent BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting is now available for you to download here.

If you attended and enjoyed the day, this is a chance to get another look at eight of the 38 exhibits displayed at CEH Wallingford on 26th November.

If you weren't able to make it to the AEM this year, at least you'll be able to get an idea of what you missed!

Sadly some of the exhibits can't easily be converted into electronic versions that we can share with you. 

Clive Lovatt, BSBI's Company Secretary and County Recorder for West Gloucestershire, offered a fascinating exhibit: a mid-Victorian example of plant recording using a grid system.

The AEM theme this year was around the "journey of a plant record" from field to map, so it was a delight to see the historic documents Clive had brought along and a photograph (on the left, courtesy of Jerry Clough) of the map with 1 mile grid squares which a group of pioneering Bristol botanists used in the 1860s. But I'm not sure how we'd get all that onto a pdf for you to download! 

We hope to upload Powerpoints of all the talks later this week, but for now you can enjoy exhibits by BSBI members Monica Frisch, George Garnett and Roger Horton, by BSBI Handbook authors Mike Porter, Chris Metherell and Fred Rumsey, and by Kevin Walker and Pete Stroh of the BSBI Science Team.

Alongside all those exhibits by proper botanists, there's also a wee outreach poster from me whose saving grace is four amazing images from BSBI members Dave Steere, Claudia Ferguson-Smyth, Pete Stroh and Mike RobinsonThey aren't credited on the poster but I'd like to thank them all very much for allowing their work to be used in BSBI promotional material.

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