Friday 31 March 2017

Think globally, record locally!

At NFBR conference 2016:
 with Sue Townsend, David Roy, Keiron Browne...
Image: L. Marsh
Jodey Peyton, the woman behind last year's successful BSBI Exhibition Meeting, has been in touch to remind us about this year's NFBR conference, to be held jointly with ALERC. The title of this year's event is 'Think globally, record locally – effective biological recording at the scale needed' and it takes place in Nottingham, with a conference on Friday 5th May and choice of two field excursions on Saturday 6th May. Details and a booking form are now available here

Martin Harvey of NFBR said "Thanks to carefully designed national recording schemes, novel data analysis methods, innovative use of technology and the efforts of thousands of dedicated recorders, we have a reasonably good understanding of the state of the UK’s biodiversity and the need for conservation action.  But do we have the data we need to inform decision-making at the range of geographic scales necessary to protect species and habitats?" Find out at the 2017 NFBR and ALERC Conference.

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