Monday 5 June 2017

Countdown to the BSBI Annual Summer Meeting III

Image: J. Shanklin
A last update from organiser Jon Shanklin before the BSBI Annual Summer Meeting (ASM) starts in the morning:

"Yesterday for a bit of relaxation prior to the ASM I headed for the south-west corner of Denbighshire, which is in need of Atlas 2020 records. The Met Office had promised a shower or two in the afternoon, and whilst there were indeed two, they were so light that I didn't even need my waterproofs. There were several plants that I never see in Cambridgeshire, and particularly noteworthy were Teesdalia nudicalis and Jasione montana.

"Today was also a fine day, but the morning was taken up with a spot of gardening, as well as ringing the bells at the local church. In the afternoon I went for a stroll around a location that I can see from the bathroom window - Hope Mountain (289m). The southern part is in one of the under-recorded Flintshire tetrads (143 species, 66% refind rate), so I hoped to add a few more records. In this I certainly succeeded, finding another 95 species. 

Melampyrum pratense
Image: J. Shanklin
"One interesting one was the alien Briza maxima, which I found in the village of Cymau. In the country park of Waun-y-Llyn, at the top of the mountain, I was pleased to find patches of Melampyrum pratense, which my mother had found there in 1964. Hopefully some of the recording groups will find this during the week.  

"By coincidence whilst I was out, I received a text from my sister saying that she had found some treasures. I had no idea what these might be, but on my return she showed me a collection of books of pressed flowers, one of which contained a pressed "Cow slip", that I had found at Cymau in May 1961. My first record in the book seems to be a plant that I had found when I was just five years old! This however wasn't the best of the treasures, but I will reveal that at the ASM!"

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