Wednesday 25 July 2018

They think the Summer Meeting's all over: it is now!

Mentha pulegium
Image courtesy of John Crellin/ Floral Images
Here's the eighth and final report by Jon Shanklin from the 2018 BSBI Summer Meeting on the Isle of Man:

"The final day of the longest Summer Meeting ever! The weather perhaps saved the worst for last. Although dry at breakfast, by the time we were packing there was light rain, and this persisted on and off for our remaining time on the Island. Those flying out later in the day were going to a limestone quarry and recording around Castletown, whilst those taking the Liverpool ferry went for a tetrad en route to Douglas.

"We started with a plantation, which although fairly diverse had nothing of particular note apart from Lophocolea bidentata growing on a spruce cone. We then thought about doing a circular walk, but decided to start with a look at the golf course pond. This did have Mentha pulegium growing on its margins so a good choice. 

Anagallis tenella
Image courtesy of John Crellin/ Floral Images
"What appeared from the space view to be a caravan park was actually a mock Tudor village, which proved to have surprisingly good set of urban weeds. Most surprising was Anagallis tenella growing in a lawn! We collected a few specimens of aliens for homework on the ferry, but as the rain was starting again decided against walking any further and drove to the ferry terminal. The crossing was pretty smooth and as we got in, the Queen Elizabeth left Liverpool to a fireworks display - a fitting end to this year's Summer Meeting!"

Huge thanks to Field Meetings Secretary Jon Shanklin for organising and leading the meeting, to Philippa Tomlinson (the County Recorder for the Isle of Man) and Peter Davey for all the local arrangements, and to Eric and Barbara Greenwood for their support. We'll let you know the total number of species recorded once Jon has finished digitising the record cards, but we hope he has a well-deserved rest first! Next year the ASM will be based at FSC Malham Tarn in Cumbria: bookings will open in November and we'll post details on the Summer Meeting webpage.

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