Wednesday 30 January 2019

BSBI prize-winner #1

One BSBI member had a pleasant surprise earlier this month! 

BSBI's Finance Manager Julie has been encouraging members to pay their annual BSBI subscription via Direct Debit mandate - you may have seen a notice in the September issue of BSBI News? Direct Debit is a great way to pay your sub - quicker and easier for you and more cost-effective for BSBI. Julie set up a prize draw, whereby everyone who completed a mandate would be automatically entered into a competition and two names selected at random to win a prize.

Our first prize-winner has just received a £100 book token from Summerfield Books and has authorised us to say a few words about him:

Terry has been a plant hunter since he was first armed with an 'I-spy wild flowers' book in the 60s. He was a BSBI member in the '80s and '90s, ticking off the species in 'Clapham Tutin & Warburg' and travelling the world in search of interesting mountain plants. He recently rejoined the BSBI with the intention of getting more involved in recording when he eventually retires from his job as a patent attorney. He’s already been out on recording days in Cheshire and Denbighshire and plans to spend part of his prize on the the new BSBI eyebrights Handbook

The image shows Terry photographing an orchid Gymnadenia sp. in the Bernese Oberland. We wish Terry all the best in his future plant-hunting and hope he enjoys his prize. We also encourage you all to consider paying your BSBI membership subscription by Direct Debit! 

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