Wednesday 29 May 2019

Botanica: focus on artists who sought inspiration from the natural world

A new art exhibition with a botanical theme has just opened at the Tristan Hoare Gallery in Fitzroy Square, London. 
Installation shot of the Botanica exhibition
Courtesy of Tristan Hoare

The exhibition Botanica focuses on works by a diverse group of artists who have sought inspiration from the natural world, from the 16th century to the present. Cy Twombly, Rory McEwen, Robert Mapplethorpe and Pablo Picasso are showcased alongside emerging artists; the show also features the largest leaf and  seed in the world revisited by contemporary artists.

The inspiration behind Botanica was the work of botanical artist Rory McEwen, whose name will be familiar to many botanists. For those who have not yet encountered him, this review by BSBI member and botanical artist Martin Allen of a 2013 exhibition should prove a helpful introduction to McEwen's work. 

The exhibition runs until 5th July and you can find out more about the exhibition, and the gallery's location and opening times, on their website

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