Saturday 30 January 2021

New Year Plant Hunt in the media

Since the analysis of the BSBI 2021 New Year Plant Hunt was published a few days ago, we've had a gratifying amount of media interest!

The story was covered in the print editions of two national newspapers, The Times and the Daily Express. We've scanned both articles and they can be seen on this page. Click on the images to view them at a larger size. 

Two specialist periodicals, Horticulture Week and The Landscaper, both covered the story and it was also picked up by regional newspapers from Guernsey to Ilkley.

Ellen Goddard, who carried out the analysis of results this year, was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester on Wednesday (starts at 1:54:26) and University of Loughborough where she is in the final year of a PhD also covered the story on their website. 

Several journalists have been in touch to discuss doing features on the New Year Plant Hunt and other BSBI activities, so we'll share links on this page once those features appear in print. 

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