Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Snowdrops: ID is as important as phenology! 

Galanthus nivalis at Welford
Image: M. Crawley
Lots of interest recently - in print and social media  - about whether snowdrops are in flower early this year. But far less being written about how to identify which species or cultivar is under observation! 

So, may I point you all in the direction of Prof Mick Crawley's excellent Snowdrop ID key? It's one of many useful training resources here on our identification page.

If you've used the Snowdrop Key before, you'll know how helpful it is, especially if you are just getting started with identifying plants. So this is a reminder to try it again this spring. 

If you haven't tried the Snowdrop Key yet - it's free, easy to download and easy to use. You are welcome to try it out, whether for personal interest or as a teaching aid (but no commercial use, please). Have a go - it's fun and a great excuse to get outdoors for a while!