Thursday 10 April 2014

Brian's Botanical Finds III

Flower spike of F. reuteri
Image: B. Laney
One of the plants that Brian Laney has managed to find is the very attractive Fumaria reuteri Martin's Ramping Fumitory. Brian recorded this several times in Kent during June 2011 and these are the first records for the county. This is the info that Brian, who is based in Northants (VC32), has sent through:  

11/06/2011 AND 19/06/2011
"On 11 June 2011 it was recorded by BL at TR31173 65723, growing at the base of a south facing bank on the south side of the A299 by Mount Pleasant roundabout. Also on 11 June 2011, BL recorded the species on a south facing road slope of the A299 at TR32577 65513. On 19 June 2011, the fumitory was also recorded by BL at TR31986 65627, on a wide disturbed strip between airport and the north side of the A299".

A single floret of F. reuteri
Image: B. Laney
You can read a description of F. reuteri here and see a zoomable distribution map for it here.

Read more about other species of Ramping-Fumitory recorded in Kent on the BSBI Facebook page and the Kent Botany Facebook page. The photographs on Facebook are gorgeous - I suspect they were taken by Lliam Rooney?

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