Wednesday 30 April 2014

New News on its way!

Mousetail Myosurus minimus found by Brian
 in a Northampton retail park
Image: B. Laney
BSBI News Editors Gwynn and Trevor tell me that the April issue is back from the printers and is being posted to everyone as we speak! Bear in mind that we have almost 3000 members, so it may take a day or two until you hear that welcome plop of BSBI News coming through your letterbox. 

So in the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the image used on this issue's front cover. 

Yes, one of Brian's Botanical Finds is on the front of News: it's a newly-found Mousetail!

This is where Brian re-found Moenchia erecta
Image: B. Laney
Anyone who follows this Blog will know all about plant-hunter extraordinaire Brian Laney from VC32 Northants. He manages to find interesting plants wherever he goes, and he takes photographs, notes grid references and shares his records with our local county recorders, so all his finds can be verified. He also collects voucher specimens where necessary. 
For notes on BSBI best practice in collecting and pressing plants, see this helpful pdf by the master, Arthur Chater.

Orchids and Rough Hawkbits
Image: D. MacIntyre
It's great to see Brian's excellent work acknowledged with the prestigious award of a BSBI News Front PageAnd an article by Brian inside News gives us more insight into what he has found or refound recently, and the conservation work he engages in around rare and threatened plants. 

But we still don't know HOW he manages to spot them. It's a mystery! We're just glad that he does...

Moenchia erecta in close-up
Image: B. Laney
Other items in this issue of News?

  • Flowers of St Kilda, including a new Dandelion!
  • Two interesting notes from Michael Braithwaite, one about mapping and the other on Bindweeds native to Scotland. Also a review by David Pearman of Michael's fabulous Tour of Berwickshire, as featured on these pages a few months ago. 
  • Donald MacIntyre on "An interesting cluster of orchid species" in a seed crop of Leontodon hispidus near Bath.

I haven't mentioned the two leading articles, because I'd hate to spoil the surprise. Don't worry, you won't have long to wait until your copy of News arrives. And if you are not yet a member but want to join now, Gwynn will send you a copy of the April issue of News with your welcome pack, so you won't miss out!

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