Tuesday, 25 November 2014

More about the AEM 2014 talks.

So, I allocated half an hour to writing a fuller report on the speakers at the AEM for you, and what do you know - Ryan Clark got there before me! 

A packed lecture room at the AEM
Ryan is one of our recent members who exhibited for the first time at this year's AEM, and it's great to see how keen he was to share his experience of the day. I'm glad to say it was a positive experience, so click here to read all about the talks (and I get a half-hour break - many thanks, Ryan!) 

But any of us who saw his exhibit at the AEM shouldn't be surprised that Ryan was so quick off the mark. He had applied the England Red List for Vascular Plants to a site survey he carried out this summer, and was exhibiting his results only two months after publication of the list. A very popular exhibit on the day, and great to see first-time exhibitors like Ryan at the AEM!

Standing room only at the back (don't tell Health & Safety!)
Ryan has kindly agreed to write a guest article here on News & Views about his exhibit, so watch this space. 

You can also follow his blog here - and I've added him to the list on the right of blogs by BSBI members. There are rather a lot now (hurrah!) so you will have to scroll down to see them all. Some informative and inspirational reading in there for a grey day.

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