Wednesday 26 November 2014

The BSBI Panel of Referees

Here is the first of the exhibits shown at last weekend's AEM - so even if you weren't there, you won't miss out entirely! Jeremy Ison offered this poster on the BSBI Panel of Referees and Specialists. 

Jeremy (centre) with Uta from the AEM Organising Team
BSBI currently has 105 Referees covering 180 difficult plants or groups of plants. They do an amazing job - all completely unpaid - and having free access to BSBI Referees is one of the main perks of membership. There are even two dedicated Referees to support our beginner botanists.

Full contact details for all our Referees, and instructions on how to send your material to them, are available in the BSBI Yearbook, sent to all our members. Jeremy's poster shows the excellent work they do, the challenges they face, and some possible solutions. What do you think? Do you use the Referee system? Do you find it useful? Let me and Jeremy know please - email us here or leave a comment below. 

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