Wednesday 14 October 2015

Book now for BSBI Exhibition Meeting 2015

George Garnett and his Guernsey ferns display
at the BSBI Exhibition Meeting 2014
Image courtesy of K. Garnett
The flyer for this year's BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting is now available here, with a booking form, details of the day's activities and a programme of speakers. The Meeting takes place at the Natural History Museum in London on Saturday 28th November and you are all invited to join us for a day of botanical delights.

One thing I'm really pleased about is that two of our younger members, who exhibited for the first time at last year's Meeting, are both speaking at this year's event, and they have a combined age of <40. Our next generation of naturalists are really making their voices heard right now! 

The theme for the morning session of talks is BSBI: North East West and South and we offer four presentations on interesting wild and naturalised plants growing at the limits of BSBI's range. First our President Ian Denholm and Lynne Farrell, BSBI Recorder for Mull, will tell us about botanising on Shetland this summer and then, in a break with tradition, we have a talk by a birder.

BSBI President Ian Denholm
in the Herbarium at Univ Leicester
Image: L. Marsh
Don't worry - Ian Woodward of BTO has been out going out botanising in Breckland this summer and spending time in the field with BSBI Scientific Officer Pete Stroh, so his talk is all about BSBI's June 2015 field meeting to look at Breckland's special assemblages of plants.

Representing the west, we have John Faulkner reporting on what BSBI botanists (including the celebrated "Rough Crew") found this summer in Mayo and Antrim. And for the south, Ian Denholm will tell us about orchids on Jersey (he is the BSBI's Orchid Co-Referee) and then we have George Garnett, speaking about botanising on Guernsey and with a focus on ferns.

George is the first of the two younger members but if you want to find out about the other one - and find out who our keynote speaker is - you will have to look at the flyer here or wait for the next News & Views post about the afternoon we have planned for you at the AEM!

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