Monday 26 October 2015

Fred to the Rescue!

We are happy to confirm that visitors to this year's Annual Exhibition Meeting will be able to enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the Herbarium at the Natural History Museum, thanks to the excellent Fred Rumsey

Fred (centre) and Ryan Clark (right) on the
BSBI stand at Big Nature Day,
Natural History Museum, May 2015.
Image: L. Marsh. 
When Mark Spencer, Senior Curator of the British & Irish Herbarium, informed us that sadly he would be out of the country on 28th November and unable to come to the AEM, we despaired! Bookings were flooding in from people keen to visit the world-famous Herbarium and we really didn't want to let any of you down.

Fortunately, fabulous Fred (who is a BSBI member as well as a NHM botanist) has come to our rescue and very kindly agreed to lead the tours so if you haven't booked yet, please do so quickly! We can fit in a maximum of three tours throughout the day and two of them are pretty much full already.

For more info about the AEM and to book for a herbarium tour, please head over to our Exhibition Meeting page here.

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