Saturday 7 January 2017

BSBI New Year Plant Hunt 2017 in the media: Part One

Ivy-leaved Toadflax in bloom,
Donegal 1/1/2017
Image: O. Duffy
Some early coverage of the BSBI New Year Plant Hunt in The Times today. You can read it on-line if you have a subscription to The Times. It was written by journalist Melissa Harrison who is also the editor of the very popular Winter: an anthology for the seasons.  

Many New Year Plant Hunt participants have already published blogposts on how they got on. Durham Wildlife Trust Botany Group recorded 14 species at Nose's Point, while in the west country, children enjoyed some 'wild time' thanks to the New Year Plant Hunt's similarities to Pokemon Go!

Wild Carrot blooming in Sidmouth 3/1/2017
Image: K. Woolley 
BSBI members who have published blogposts so far include Oisin Duffy reporting from Donegal where he and Mairead Crawford carried out four Hunts; ace photographer Karen Woolley whose images are also featured here; John Crellin's account of the Brecknock Hunt is here; and Dave Morris's account of his solo Hunt in Oxfordshire is here.

Craven Conservation Group even posted a video on YouTube showing how they identified Red Valerian in bloom. 

If you have New Year Plant Hunt records that you haven't yet uploaded via the new app or emailed to the team at then please send them through by midnight on Monday 9th January for inclusion in Kevin Walker's preliminary analysis, due out later this month. Watch this space! 

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