Thursday 10 May 2018

Threatened Plants in Britain & Ireland: book reprinted

Copy of Threatened plants in
Britain and Ireland
sitting on Pete's desk
Image: P. Stroh
When Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland was published by BSBI late last year and the book sold out in a matter of weeks, nobody was really very surprised! 

This long awaited title summarised the results of five years of survey work for BSBI's Threatened Plants Project by 800+ BSBI volunteer members. They monitored 50 wildflower species which BSBI's Science Team believed might be in decline. 

The book also included analysis and comment by the Science Team, who found that many species had, as suspected, declined dramatically since the 1970s.  

Today we are delighted to announce that Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland has been reprinted and is once again available to buy from Summerfield Books and other natural history book-sellers. 

Pale dog-violet Viola lactea
Image: John Crellin
Pete Stroh, BSBI Scientific Officer and one of the book's three co-authors, said "The results from the Threatened Plants Project survey have shown how and why some of our most threatened wildflowers have declined since the 1970s, and sets out how such trends can be reversed. 

"It was very encouraging that the initial print run sold out within a matter of weeks and illustrates how our flora, and the work that BSBI volunteers do, is so valued."

Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland will be of use to conservationists, ecological consultants, land managers and plant-lovers across both countries. It tempers a gloomy picture of declines in some of our wild flower populations with helpful practical suggestions as to how such trends might be reversed.

You can read more about the book in this interview by Kevin Walker, BSBI's Head of Science and another of the book's co-authors. 

Spreading Bell-flower Campanula patula
Image: Bob Gibbons
The third co-author was Bob Ellis, recently retired as BSBI's Projects Officer. Bob played a crucial role in liaising with the BSBI volunteer members who went out surveying for the Threatened Plants Project and whose results fed into the book. Huge thanks to Bob, Kevin, Pete and all the 800+ volunteers for their amazing achievement producing Threatened Plants in Britain and Ireland.

So if you didn't manage to get hold of a copy last time, can I suggest that you do so now, because we expect this second print run of this excellent book to sell out as quickly as the first!

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