Sunday 17 June 2018

BSBI in the news

Killarney Fern
Image: Rory Hodd
By a curious coincidence, yesterday (16th June) BSBI appeared in both the Irish Times and The Times of London.

Michael Viney's article in the Irish Times mentions the "intrepid Irish botanists" who make up the celebrated Rough Crew, led by Rory Hodd. The article talks about the discovery of new locations for the rare Killarney Fern and links to the Irish Conference webpage, where you can find a report by Rory about the Killarney Fern gametophyte.

Jerome Starkey is the Countryside Correspondent for The Times of London and his article is about the most bio-diverse place in Britain. One 10 x 10km square in Dorset - grid ref SY98 -  boasts more mammals than anywhere else and it turns out the same square also has more plant records than anywhere else - a whopping 1,517 species. Check out the BSBI distribution maps page, type in a plant name and zoom in to SY98 (or any other grid square) and see if your plant is growing there. The article in The Times is behind a paywall but you can read it here

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