Wednesday 17 April 2019

News from Arran

If you're a resident of, or a regular visitor to, the Clyde Islands, and you're planning to buy a copy of Angus Hannah's forthcoming Isle of Bute Flora - the first ever Flora for any of the Clyde Islands! - here comes another publication for this lovely part of the world. 

Arran's Flora, a fully revised 36-page checklist of all the flowers, ferns and conifers of this beautiful island, has just been published and is available from Summerfield Books for only £3 plus P&P. The author is Tony Church.

Arran is famous as the home of several rare whitebeams, one of which - Sorbus pseudomeinichii, the Catacol whitebeam - was featured last week in the Scottish national press. Read the article here.   

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