Thursday 14 February 2013

BSBI's Publications Committee  met yesterday for its twice-yearly overview of all the material published by the society, whether in print or electronically.

Pubs members weighing up proposals
 for new BSBI Handbooks.
BSBI Floras and handbooks - proposed, in prep or on the wish list - were discussed, including handbooks on Viola and Euphrasia. Editors of New Journal of Botany, BSBI News and the BSBI Yearbook gave an account of their publications and there was a short report on Publicity & Outreach; this new Blog got a big thumbs-up from the Committee, especially from Gwynn Ellis, BSBI's Membership Secretary and General Editor of BSBI News.

Gwynn has been a huge supporter of our publicity and outreach initiatives since they were first proposed, and so the only dark cloud yesterday was that it was Gwynn's final "Pubs". He is cutting back on some of his many responsibilities to focus on his work as Membership Secretary and also on the distribution of BSBI News; members should keep sending their contributions in to Trevor James (Receiving Editor).

Gwynn’s final “Pubs” dinner: from left,
Philip Oswald, John Poland, Trevor James,
Gwynn Ellis and Arthur Chater.
Pubs members went out for dinner after the Committee meeting and raised a glass or two to Gwynn. We were helped in this by Mary Briggs, BSBI President 1998-2000. Unable to attend in person, she sent a lovely letter with memories of working with Gwynn and kindly paid for wine, so that we could toast our friend (beaming, as always, in the photo on the left) and offer deepest thanks for all he does for our society. 

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