Tuesday 19 February 2013

"Natives good, Aliens Bad?": part 2

Ian Bennallick has sent a link to an amusing Radio 4 programme he heard, "The Botanical Vicar", about Reverend Shaw,  aka the 'Weed King of the North'. The programme is up on iPlayer here until the 25th of February and is a nice reminder of how much fun it can be "finding exotic and unusual plants at rubbish tips, factory dumps, sewage treatment sites and other unlikely places". 

The Reverend Shaw apparently relished "botanical foreign invaders, mysteriously appearing from the Middle East, the Americas or Eurasia" - so I guess we know where he would have stood regarding "Natives good, Aliens bad"! 

If you spot anything on TV or radio that you think might interest other botanists, send me the link - mail to publicity@bsbi.org.uk - and I can post it here on the Blog. Thanks for sharing this one, Ian.  

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