Thursday 7 February 2013

The BSBI's new Publicity & Outreach Blog.

 In 2013, BSBI is looking at better ways of sharing information across our networks and keeping all our botanical friends in the loop, so this new Blog has been set up by me (BSBI's Publicity & Outreach Officer)  to complement our Co-ordinator's Blog and to keep you updated on what our BSBI botanists, from beginner to expert, will be doing across Britain & Ireland throughout 2013.

Our members (almost 3,000) will be out studying, enjoying and promoting our wild plants, and recording changes in their distributions. This kind of information underpins all nature conservation work in Britain & Ireland. The P&O Blog will help us show you what's going on, why you might be interested and how you can get involved or find out more.

BSBI also has some great resources to offer if you are keen to improve your botanical skills, or find out what grows where, and our network of local BSBI groups is growing rapidly. With the new map on the homepage, you can find out if there is a local group near you offering field meetings or training opportunities. Contact local co-ordinators with your requests - whether you are a journalist looking for local interest stories or a botanical beginner keen to  find out more about wildflower ID. Or email me for more info.

Some local groups are also setting up their own Blogs: Sarah Stille has an excellent one and there is a new  Blog being trialled for the BSBI vc55 group

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