Saturday 21 September 2013

Botanical Blogs and international interest. 

New records for Water bent: Oli P's sacrevert Blog.
Image: O. Pescott
I've put up a list (scroll down column on right to see it) of 13 Blogs set up by BSBI members- each one is totally or partly about botany, but if you know of any others, please send me a link. There's some great stuff on them - from mapping to local group activity, ethnobotany to plants outside these islands, the Blogs show what a BSBI botanist can do with a bit of free software and an opinion or observation to share!   

I see from the pageview stats that this Blog is starting to attract a lot of interest from outside Britain & Ireland. A big welcome to readers from the US, Canada, Russia, China, across Europe and even from Africa and South America! Why not email me at and let me know what's happening botanically where you live? 

Green-winged orchid count at Muston Meadows NNR:
VC55 local group Blog.
Image: N. Crowley
Many BSBI botanists work closely with colleagues in other parts of the world and the society has always welcomed international interest and support. 

It is often said that BSBI has had a huge and lasting influence on the development of biological recording and monitoring projects around the world over the past 60 years, since our first Atlas was published, so it would be great to hear from international readers about botanical projects to which they've contributed and how these compare with what BSBI does.

I think this page (on right - click to enlarge) from our 1962 Atlas of the British Flora shows both how advanced BSBI was for its time, and how much things have moved on since - type in Pulsatilla vulgaris to our Maps Scheme page or the Database to view hectad and tetrad maps and let me know if you agree! 

We do have an overseas subscription rate (currently £27 each year), so you can join us and support our work even if you don't live on these islands. You'll love receiving BSBI News and New Journal of Botany three times each year but, unless you are visiting Britain or Ireland, you might have a bit of a trek to some of our field meetings!

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