Monday 16 September 2013

How does a botanist "get to work" (part three)

Botanists rowing to work at Malltraeth Marshes.
Image: Barry Wrightson.
The third in an occasional series.

Barry Wrightson, a BSBI member living in Ynys Mon (Anglesey) has sent me this photo showing how he and some fellow botanists travelled to Malltraeth Marsh recently to carry out a Callitriche survey. 

Barry tells me "We have (I think) record numbers of species of the difficult little blighters." 

Good luck with identifying them, Barry. I'm sure you'll be using Tim Rich's excellent Plant Crib and the BSBI handbook on Callitriche spp. aka Water-starworts. And as a BSBI member, you will be able to consult BSBI Referees to help you identify those "little blighters" with confidence!

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