Friday 20 September 2013

The role of museums and collections in biological recording. 

Ian Denholm in Beaumaris admiring... a moth.
Image: L. Marsh
Martin Godfrey has been in touch about Wednesday's plenary session at the Linnean Society, on the role of museums and collections in biological recording, and I see they have just uploaded this page about the day's proceedings. Martin says, "The day seemed to go well, with plenty of enthusiasm from all comers. We ended up agreeing a series of action points, which Paolo Viscardi, from the Horniman Museum, will take the lead on." 

He also adds "Staunch BSBI members should bear in mind that there were lots of entomologists there too!"  Well, even the BSBI President has been photographed taking a keen interest in an invertebrate... with Jane Houldsworth, our Head of Ops, and Arthur Chater (who really should know better!) egging him on. Click on the image to make it bigger and ID that invertebrate :-)

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