Thursday 20 March 2014

More help for MapMate users

Jim McIntosh, Recorders Conference 2013
Image: L. Farrell
Many thanks to BSBI Scottish Officer Jim McIntosh, who has has sent me this news item about the new BSBI MapMate Handbook and updated BSBI MapMate website:

“The BSBI has just updated the BSBI MapMate website with the truly excellent and comprehensive BSBI MapMate Handbook by Martin Rand. All BSBI MapMate users are strongly recommended to browse this valuable new resource which is available to download and print chapter by chapter, and which completely supercedes all previous versions. 

"The website update included several additional training videos on creating species richness maps and a page of custom queries which will be useful for Atlas 2020 planning. The development of both website and handbook has been kindly supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.”

Thanks, Jim! The new pages look really impressive and once again the society has reason to thank the excellent and indefatigable Martin Rand, who I gather also made quite an impression at yesterday's RINSE Workshop in the New Forest. The Organisers tweeted: 

Martin Rand 'Citizen science using databases are susceptible to errors such as invalid grid references. Living Record was a solution' 

Apparently workshop presentations - including Martin's - will be available soon on the RINSE website. 

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