Tuesday 25 March 2014

New Myosotis Key - on video!

Myosotis sp.
Image: L. Rooney
Video-maker Lliam Rooney has been wowing us with his ID videos for Equisetum, Ruppia and two species of Myosotis (links above). Now, rather than resting on his Laurus nobilis, he's attempted a video key for Myosotis

It is here on YouTube and also over here -->>

As this is rather a new venture, Lliam is particularly looking forward to hearing your comments. So, as our Forget-me-nots start to come into flower, why not try out the Key and send us your feedback?

You could compare it against your favourite key. This might be Rose & O'Reilly, Poland & Clement's Vegetative Flora or you could go straight to the Mighty Book of Stace!

And here are some more videos on UK trees by Markus Eichorn and a range of botany videos by lecturer and BSBI member Jonathan Mitchley

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