Sunday 16 March 2014

You wait all week for a Myosotis video...

John and Richard watching
Lliam's Horsetail ID videos
Image: L. Marsh
... and two arrive on the same day! Lliam has been busy putting together another Forget-me-not video, this one for Myosotis laxa Tufted Forget-me-not. -->>

 These videos have really got people talking: NFBR suggested that we produce a catalogue, and if Lliam keeps producing ID videos - and others follow suit! - then we could have a really useful resource for people trying to separate different species in the same genus.

Image on left shows two members of Publications Committee admiring Lliam's Horsetail videos on my laptop after the recent meeting. Both Richard Gornall and John Edgington agreed that BSBI members are producing/publishing some really great resources for identifying plants, whether in print (Handbooks) or using newer media such as video.   

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