Friday 3 July 2015

Botanical snippets for July.

Bird's-nest orchid.
Image: M. Cruise
1. A great new resource for botanists, this pdf which aims to list all the electronic and print resources available to help people with plant ID, including many free resources. It's from FSC's Tomorrow's Biodiversity website. There's some great stuff on the website, it's well worth a look.

2. Lots of interesting plant sightings on BSBI members' blogs - such as sightings of 2 Cyperus spp. on the Gower, Filago vulgaris in Sheffield city, this white Kidney Vetch on Banstead Downs and Bird's-nest orchid refound in Wexford.

3. A happy story - "Herbarium workshops with nursing homes and Alzheimer's charities" in Kendal next year. Not a happy story - this account in Nature tells how American herbaria are feeling the pinch. 

4. Nice note about publication of the Hybrid Flora on the Biological Records Centre website here. 

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