Friday 31 July 2015

BSBI using social media to spread the word

  1. We are using the BSBI Twitter account to spread the word about BSBI and it seems to be working! This exchange from earlier today with a young ecological consultant complimenting us on our friendly approach on social media: 
  2. . Thank you! aims to promote study understanding & enjoyment (v imp!) of B&I wildflowers

  3. mission accomplished - I joined earlier this year based on how engaging and involved you are with members (and non!) on here :)
  4. You can see what I put out on the BSBI Twitter account by casting your eyes a few inches to your right - that's the Twitter feed and you can view it without leaving this page - just scroll down to see images of plants (with discussions on ID and links to distribution maps), notices about conferences, new publications, links to open access papers, details of field meetings, training opportunities and general banter about British and Irish wild flowers.

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