Friday 31 July 2015

BSBI in Mayo and on social media

Recording hedgerow wildflowers in Mayo
Image: M. Long
Update from Maria on the BSBI Mayo Recording Week after collating records from the first two full days:
  • 33 monads (1x1km squares) visited in 12 hectads (10x10km squares)
  • 3,700 plant records collected
  • 27 botanists out recording
  • 1 talk given to the public by BSBI Irish Officer Maria Long.
And that's in just two days! Part of the success is undoubtedly due to the fast-becoming-legendary endeavours of the Rough Crew, a fearless band of botanists prepared to climb mountains and tramp through bogs in pursuit of wild plants.

The Rough Crew at Mweelrea Mountain
Image: M. Long
The BSBI Ireland Facebook page tells us that on Wednesday the Rough Crew tackled Mweelrea Mountain and recorded "a nice range of nice montane species... including Deschampsia caespitosa subsp. alpina, Salix herbacea, Carex bigelowii and Cystopteris fragilis".

It's great to be able to follow the daily progress of the Mayo recording team via social media - another example of how BSBI is using C21st technology to keep all our botanists in the loop. Watch this space and the BSBI Ireland Facebook page for more updates from Mayo!

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